Live PageRank Firefox Extension

LivePR Firefox Extension screenshot

We have created a LivePR Firefox extension that is available for download at
The extension places a small icon in the status bar of the browser, and the Live PageRank value of the current page is displayed. The icon can be moved around and placed anywhere using drag and drop.


The software is released under the GPL version 2.

Privacy notes

Please observe that the extension (up to version 0.8b) sends the URL of the page you are currently visiting to our servers for processing. This is necessary for us to provide your browser with the Live PageRank value. We will only use the URL information for this purpose.
If this is a concern we advise you not to install this extension, or uninstall it if you already have it installed.

As of version 0.9b, the software no longer contacts our servers, as it talks directly to Google.

The extension can be disabled by right clicking the status icon. The text Disabled appears, and no requests will be made until the extension is enabled again.


SoftPedia "100% CLEAN" Award